Do not worry about your family

  • Respond and support when they send
    an SOS alert
  • Help remotely with voice messages and settings (meeting reminder, new contact)
  • Stay alert and take care of your loved ones
    by keeping an eye on where they are
Start locating your family
sos SOS alert, respond in case of emergency
voice message Simple voice messages
Remote contact adding Remote contact adding
Remote setting of the reminders on the 4family user Remote setting of the reminders on the 4family user
Monitorowanie stanu baterii Monitoring the battery status
approximate location

Determining the approximate location* of a 4family user

Why you should choose 4family

About 4family

4family is a mobile application, thanks to which you can better take care of the safety of your relatives.

All this is due to the wide functionality of the 4family application, featuring simple interfaces installed on the 4family Host and 4family User devices paired with each other. The application allows you to remotely assist your loved ones with the use of the phone when needed, receive SOS notifications from the 4family User in case of emergency, or view in real time where their loved ones are*.

For example, the application allows you to immediately send short voice and text messages or send a notification to a loved one about low battery level or other important messages, such as reminders to see a doctor, take medicines or additional activities. And by pressing the “SOS” button, the 4family Host will receive a notification from a relative that one needs help. Finally, 4family also allows you to manage the individual functions of your loved one’s phone from your 4family Host smartphone.

The application is useful especially for the safety of relatives – children, parents and grandparents. It is suitable wherever remote supervision of people in need of help and elderly people with symptoms such as memory disorders, poor scheduling or difficulties in orientation in time and space is important. In order to use the 4family application, the data transmission in the phone must be enabled. If the 4family logo is visible on the mobile device screen then the application is in operation.

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Why is it worthwhile?

Why you should choose 4family

Receive SOS alerts and respond
in case of emergency

Why you should choose 4family

Save notification in the calendar of the User (remotely on your loved one’s phone)

Why you should choose 4family

Obtain an approximate location* of your loved ones in case of loss (GSM)

With 4family the Host gains:

  • Information in the form of notifications concerning the low battery level of the 4family User's phone and remote assistance in managing his or her phone
  • Possibility of remote supervision over a parent or child
  • Voice and text message functions with advice or reminders for medical appointments, extra activities, etc.
  • Receiving SOS alerts or security zone crossing notifications with the ability to react quickly
  • Option to remotely manage the phone of the 4family user i.e. a child, including: adding events and reminders in the calendar, new contacts and applications

With 4family the User gains:

  • Knowledge of the approximate location of the 4family User by the 4family Host
  • Help from a 4family Host who can remotely set reminders for meetings, taking medication, other important matters on the 4family User phone
  • Possibility to report an SOS in important cases
  • Voice messages from the 4family Host with guidance
    or advice
  • Remote help to manage your phone, its settings, applications and contacts

How to start?

downloand app
Download the app
from Google Play
Add the person you want to look after
Add the person
you want to look after
location tracking
Make sure your loved one has given consent to the location tracking (consent is one-off)
Locate and take care of
a loved one using
the 4family application

Dedicated devices

The Host can install free 4family application on any Android 5.0 or later smartphone.  To manage the functions of your loved one’s phone and its location, a relative – that is, the ward must have a compatible device.
At the moment, myPhone Halo Q and myPhone Halo Q+ models are compatible with the 4family service, intended for older people or children.