4family is a free mobile app, using which you can take even better care of the safety of your loved ones in.

Be sure your loved ones are safe

  • Respond and support - when they report an SOS alert
  • Help remotely and stay in touch - with voice messages and dedicated settings (meeting reminder, new contact, application access)
  • Stay alert and take care of your loved ones by keeping an eye on where they are
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Why you should choose 4family

About 4family

4family is a mobile application, thanks to which you can better take care of the safety of your relatives.

Such a wide range of possibilities in terms of remote contact, monitoring of the basic vital functions of the senior or child and their safety, is guaranteed by pairing the devices of the Host and the User with the 4family application.

In addition, the application allows you, from the 4family Host, to remotely assist your loved one with 4family compatible devices, as well as: receive SOS notifications from the 4family User in case of emergency, view their location in real time or contact them by voice.

For example, the 4family app allows you to instantly send short voice messages or send a notification to a loved one about a low battery or other important messages, reminders such as doctor’s appointments, medication or extra activities. Pressing the “SOS” button will cause the 4family Host to receive a notification from a relative asking for help. Moreover, 4family also allows the Host to manage the various functions of the loved one’s phone using his own smartphone, provided the phone is connected to the Host’s phone via the application.

In conclusion, the 4family app is useful in ensuring the safety of relatives – children, parents and grandparents. It works wherever remote supervision is important; whether it is a person in need or an elderly relative with symptoms such as: memory disorders or difficulties in orientation in time and space.

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Dedicated devices

The Host can install free 4family application on any Android 5.0 or later smartphone. ┬áTo manage the functions of your loved one’s phone and its location, a relative – that is, the ward must have a compatible device.
At the moment, myPhone Halo Q and myPhone Halo Q+ models are compatible with the 4family service, intended for older people or children.

How to start?

downloand app
Download the app
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Add the person you want to look after
Add the person
you want to look after
location tracking
Make sure your loved one has given consent to the location tracking (consent is one-off)
Locate and take care of
a loved one using
the 4family application